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Eastman Eagle c135


Innovative Textile Solutions for Your Needs

Do you need a reliable conveyor system for your cutting requirements? Look no further than The Eagle c135. We are offering our The Eagle c135 for your use today to streamline your operations.

With its supreme capabilities for single to low-ply cutting, it's perfect for any textiles business. Eastman's gantry and tool-head design make it one of the most versatile systems available, ensuring that you can cut the most diverse technical and industrial fabrics with ease.

Book your appointment today to use our Eagle C135 for your projects.

Cutting surface 

Smooth and durable service, suitable for even sticky or downy materials.

Material hold down 

Millions of holes are perforated in a random pattern that provides evenly dispersed vacuum flow, no matter where you are cutting. 

Made to order 

The Eagle allows you to cut the fabric at any length, width thanks to the various tool heads that allows you to maximize productivity.

Eastman Eagle Cutting Machine

The conveyor system 

The Conveyor has supreme capabilities for single to low ply cutting requirements, with consistent speed and control. This computer controlled cutting system requires minimal operator guidance to automatically feed and spread the material to the identified start position. Smooth and accurate cutting of long markers is accomplished with the support of a powerful, yet quiet and self contained vacuum system.

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